Thank You SF, I am going to Miss you!

IMG_9345.jpgMy semester in San Francisco was awesome. This city is so pretty and have lot of things to do even if I was not expecting the weather, I thougt that it was always hot. I really appreciate the architecture of San Francisco, at the beginning the hill scares me a lot but after I got used to it and I made sport on the hill with the incredible views of each street.
The best memories will be doing bicycle on the golden gate bridge, visiting the national park of Yosemite, all the american restaurant like In and Out burgers or The Cheese Cake Factory.
The other best memory is the open-minded and the mind-set of the people here, they always encourage you to do whathever you want and whathever you like even if you fail, itis not a problem. They like when people try and even if you fail they will not judge you, it will be a good experience for to learn from your mistakes and try again.

The activity we did at school, like visiting big company such as Yelp and having a conversation with all the guest was a great experience. The classes we have was really interesting, in fact I have never work with 3D printing and digital design for the website.
I enjoyed every moment doing this for the project Lean startup, working by team and creat maybe a new start-up was a good opportunity.
I will definitly use all this tools in the future.
I spend lot of time at TechShop with my Lean Start-Up team, where we print product for our project, it was awesome there is young adult people there who try to create things, I think in San Francisco there is huge opportunity for everybody who want to do something.
After my graduation , I will apply for internship in San Francisco, I see myself working in a finance sector in USA, so San Francisco will be a great idea. I like the mind-set of american people. Moreover , thanks to this awesome experience I am more confident, I am not afraid to go and speak to people around me.
I use to speak with everyone in the street, to the cardriver , to the homeless people and people around me. They are so open-minded and give you a lot of advices.

Next year , I have to do 6 month internship. I am going to apply in the big company or bank in San Francisco because I really fall in love with this city.


Mission District

Mission District - MuralsNamed for Mission Dolores founded in 1776, San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood has some of its hottest new restaurants and galleries.

Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill These neighborhoods all share a sunny outlook. Boasting some of the best weather in the city, the Mission District, Bernal Heights and Potrero Hill take advantage of an abundance of fog-free days. New restaurants and night spots are a draw while Mission Dolores, 16th and Dolores streets, is the oldest structure in San Francisco. Many of the city’s pioneers are buried in an adjacent cemetery.

Warrios VS Oklahoma City

IMG_9333.jpgThe Golden State Warriors won a wide victory over Oklahoma City to return 1-1 in the series. It was my first time to go to a BasketBall Game at the Oracle Stadium.It was awesome, I really appreciate watching this game because I am huge fan of the warriors team. The Golden State Warriors are an American professional basketball team based in California. The Warriors compete in the (NBA) as a member club of the league’s Western Pacific Division.

Golden Gate Bridge


The Golden Gate bridge is located at the presido park and can easily be reached by car or bus .
The construction of the bridge started in 1933 and ended in 1937 .The most pleasant way to visit the bridge is to walk and enjoy all the view from the bridge or can rent a bicycle. You can also visit the bridge by many areas around San Francisco, Indeed you can be in different location to visit the bridge such as South Vista Point, North Vista Point, Land End and Baker beach.
This bridge is the largest bridge in the world, it take thousands of workers, four year and 35 millions dollars to complete the structure.
My first time at the bridge was awesome, I was very impressed by the size of the golden gate bridge. The view from the bridge is gorgeous, you can see far away Alcatraz, and the city of San francisco.